Coat Producer has been producing Coats, Blouson, Jackets and topcoat on men’s clothing since its establishment in Istanbul. Our production facility produces the products of many big brands with its quality sewing, innovative production approach and fast product delivery. In our production facility with international quality standards, we attach importance to the human resources we work with first and the quality we believe to be our most important wealth. As Coats, Blouson, Jackets and topcoat production Facility, with its 750 m2 production area equipped with advanced technology of the era and 450 m2 administrative area, it continues to take firm steps towards becoming one of the leading men’s products production factory of the Turkish Apparel sector with its staff trained in quality management.

As Coat Producer;

We owe our success to the effort we have made in order to “achieve the best, not earn more,” on this path we set out with the principle of “Working”.

Despite its short history, Coat Producer, which specializes in the production of men’s upper groups, is an integrated facility capable of meeting all kinds of foreign demands with its machinery equipped with the most advanced technology and its expert staff in sewing.It can provide its customers with all the necessary services in the production of men’s clothing.

Coat Producer, Coats, Blouson, Jackets and Topcoats products produced at the production facility; Asia, Africa, America, shows the size of Europe’s and Turkey’s showcase exclusive brands.