As Coat Producer, we believe that our human resources we work with by sharing the same values, principles and ideals are our most important wealth. Our goal is to develop our quality human resources and to add new ones to our organization. For this reason, the talents who have correct and feasible knowledge, skills and experience, understand what is desired and give what is desired, work result-oriented, think critically, and apply their thinking quickly and accurately, have practical thinking and application intelligence, will fully adopt the values of the company, thus adding value to the company. our door is always open.
As Coat Producer Family;

  • Adopting the importance of planning,
  • Adopting the value of listening in communication,
  • Analyzes getting started and likes to work result oriented,
  • Who knows the value of time well,
  • Respecting the society and the environment,
  • Stable and success-oriented,
  • Quality and social responsibility conscious,

If you think that you have the features we offer to carry the team spirit further with colleagues who will transform individual energy into synergy and you want to be a part of Coat Producer family, you can introduce yourself to us. For this, click on the “Join Us” link. Our Human Resources Directorate will evaluate the information you will provide and will contact you if deemed appropriate. Please read carefully before applying.