Coat Producer has a design department and collects models, fabrics and accessories that are renewed every season.


Fashion is public consumption, where one can reflect the image that one wants to present to others.


One of the main purposes of the collections is clothing design. Coat Producer do all the necessary work.

Production Planing

Produced in high quality and delivered to the customer at the desired time.

Fabric Control

All fabrics are checked in the fabric control machine in terms of weaving errors, width, length and color difference in line with quality standards.

Accessory Control

All accessories used in production are checked by the quality control department and supplied in accordance with the required quality standards.

Model Making

Coat Producer model shop section; It acts on the details given by the planning department and makes the necessary arrangements in line with the requests of the customers.

Cutting Department

Coat Producer cutting department; It is equipped with automatic cutting machines and interlining machines suitable for our age technology.


The production line, which has the flexibility to adapt to all kinds of model changes, has a production capacity to meet the total demand, which are trained in production.

Last İron

The final ironing process, which takes place at the last stage of production by paying attention to customer demands, is an important factor that changes the quality of the product.

Quality Control

The quality control process of our production facility is one of the important factors that change the quality of the product.

Logistics And Shipment

Coat Producer, products are ensured to be kept clean by being packed and packaged and shipped according to the customer’s request.