Identification, packaging, labeling, transportation and distribution of products produced at Coat Producer are carried out in accordance with the standards. In order for the products, whose production and quality controls are completed and ready for shipment, to be delivered to the customer on time, care is taken to make the shipment within the framework of the rules specified in the order stage.

Coat Producer attaches importance to the products being passed through the metal detector one by one after the packaging processes and without any metal parts.

We have a fully equipped product warehouse where all preparations are made in order to store the products we produce with the importance and care we give to the detail and to be shipped to the customer.

In our warehouse, which has 5000 coats, jackets, jackets or topcoats storage capacity, the product entry-exit processes are monitored using computer technology.

The temperature and humidity values ​​in the warehouse are kept under control for 24 hours, and there are ideal conditions to prevent the products from being damaged.

Products are ensured to be kept clean by being packed and packaged and shipped according to the customer’s request.

Our packaging and shipment method is made according to customer demands.

  • Can be shipped by hanging vehicle
  • It can be shipped by putting it into hanging boxes (Available size of hanging boxes; 120 * 55 * 55 or 110 * 55 * 55 or we can produce in desired size),
  • It can be shipped by placing it in horizontal parcel (Horizontal parcel size; 50 * 60 * 90 or we can produce in desired size),

The products to be shipped;

  • Bag top information,
  • Parcel information,
  • Check lists,
  • Shipment documents,Products are shipped by checking.