Our planning department; As the representative of our customers in the business, it organizes all the required requests on behalf of them and manages all necessary operations to ensure that the orders are received correctly, produced in high quality and delivered to the customer at the desired time.

2 samples prepared according to the demands and demands of the customer on the orders of the customer must be present both in the customer and in our body before production. After the planning process of the orders for production approval, the required materials are checked after the inventory control is made and the order is placed after the organization of the supply. It performs all the necessary work to make it ready for production by planning at the production facility and following the process.

Our Production Planning team works in coordination with all units by directing the production capacity from the drawing to the cut, from the accessory to the fabric, from the sewing to the desired details, from the sewing to the iron, to the quality control and shipment, and to ensure that the business operates in the highest quality and efficiency.