The quality control process of our production facility is one of the important factors that change the quality of the product. The process, which starts with the product design and continues with the fabric control within the enterprise, is carefully processed in the slaughterhouse in line with the pastels drawn from the model room section, the products are produced in accordance with the measurement tables and the products are carefully monitored thanks to the system that our quality control system follows meticulously with the start of professional production.

Coat Producer performs checks in accordance with the standards by taking the products that are put into production in this process into conformity with the desired specifications, the smoothness of the seams, the correctness of the colors and the work orders throughout the production.

The products are sent to the shipping department carefully after a quality control process is carried out with a coordinated system, which is the first stage of production, to check the suitability of the products to the desired measurement table, by performing fabric control and pull tests, cleaning, by performing the necessary intermediate measurements and final measurements in production.