Finished Product

Coat Producer also serves our customers who want to buy wholesale coats, wholesale Blouson, wholesale jackets and wholesale topcoats by producing completely finished men’s outerwear.

In the ready-made product group, we make wholesale for our customers to save their time, additional cost and personnel savings.Our company offers 2 services to our customers in wholesale coats, jackets, jackets and coats;

1 – To buy the ready product in our existing stocks;

  • Coat Producer provides its customers with a variety of models, colors, fabrics and materials, and products that have been made ready for use by the end consumer.
  • Our company, which acts in order to reduce the workload of the customer, tries to make the work of the customer even easier by offering the completely finished product to its customer.
  • In this way, our company frees its customer from production details, saving time, energy and cost, and ensures that it purchases the product it wants from one hand.
  • Finished products are produced in our stocks without hitting the brand label.
  • Our products are produced in accordance with the standards and help us to provide fast service to our customers.
  • Finished products are packed after the production process and stored in a hanging section in the warehouse.
  • Ready-made products are presented to the appreciation of our customers and they are packaged and delivered as desired, by sewing the brand label of our customer.
  • Having many models such as coats, jackets, jackets and coats that will meet the market demand, our company can ship the products daily by sewing the customer brand label if the desired product is requested in the desired quantity.

2 – To produce new products for you;

  • Coat Producer provides service to produce and deliver a new product in line with the demands of our customers apart from the stock products available.
  • It manufactures products in the model requested by our customers, by following the fabric, material, accessory measurement and all other details.
  • Our customers should have a minimum order of 200 – 300 pieces for the model they want to produce according to the details they want.
  • The minimum number of colors per customer will choose in the model it wishes is at least 1 ball, with an average of 40 – 60 pieces, and 5 – 7 color products can be removed from the desired model, or 1 color product can be single model.
  • Washing instruction, body label, woven labels, etc., with the internal work requested on the products. It is made according to our customer’s request.
  • Our company, which cares about customer satisfaction, provides sample service according to the details it wants.
  • The pre-production sample of the ordered product is sewn in the desired price range in accordance with the criteria of the fabric, material and accessories requested by the customer, and production approval is obtained from the customer.
  • After the contract with the customer for the production of the approved product, 40% of the total deposit will be paid and the production process begins.
  • The pre-paid order is supplied in accordance with all the details and quantities and cut according to the desired quantity.
  • The products of the customer order are produced in the sewing department in accordance with the standards requested by the customer, and after they are taken to the quality control server warehouse department, they are packed and the production process ends.
  • 60% of the remaining payment is collected and the way of loading is packed and shipped to the standards requested by our customer.
  • In this service way, our customers can purchase the ready-made product with the features they want as fast as possible.

Coat Producer aims to always serve its customers in the best way, never compromise on its quality, to produce according to the desired details, to provide services in the desired price range, to ensure that orders are sent to customers on time, to renew themselves and to give them all necessary support in every sense. Our production factory, which has acquired, continues to serve national and international brands.

As Coat Producer, in our production facility;

We manufacture coats, Blouson, jackets and topcoats.

We offer services in the model and variety that our customers want.

We can also supply all other products on men’s clothing demanded by our customers.

For all your questions about the ready product;

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